Patient responsibilities

Best outcomes are achieved when patients actively participate in the treatment plan and rehabilitation process.

If you are admitted to hospital, you will set goals and your progress will be reviewed with a multidisciplinary team including medical, nursing and allied health staff. Sometimes goals need to be reassessed and this will be discussed with you if required. Occasionally a family meeting may be arranged for you and your loved ones to discuss your progress and prognosis.

We encourage you to be as independent as possible while maintaining safety at all times. This may mean we will assist you by encouraging you to do things for yourself, rather than relying solely on the hospital staff.

Patient personal effects

If you are admitted for inpatient rehabilitation you should bring:

  • Comfortable shoes with a low heel and soles that grip well
  • Comfortable casual clothes to wear around the ward and to the gymnasium
  • Night wear including a dressing gown
  • Personal toiletries
  • Your medications

Please do not bring valuables or expensive personal effects.

Private hospital care and expenses

Although unusual, occasionally some patients are not aware that their private health insurance does not include cover for inpatient rehabilitation. The best option is to contact your private health insurer beforehand to ensure you are covered.

All consults performed by Dr Warren Jennings-Bell in hospital will not incur out of pocket expenses. Despite this there may be some additional costs associated with an admission to a private hospital that are outside the control of the doctor, even though it may be the doctor that requests the service. This may include medications and pathology services. These services are payable to the organisation providing the service.

Patient information handout

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